Irene is the Greek word for “peace”. Irene Hermitage is 12’ X 10’ rustic hermitage for retreatants seeking silence and solitude. Irene Hermitage, a former day farm kitchen, is reconstructed from re-cycled building materials found on the PHJC property. The interior of Irene Hermitage has a bed, desk, chair and a small wood stove. Windows are set close to the floor to provide a wonderful view of the forest floor. This facility has electricity and an electric heater for heating. There is a nearby outhouse. Containers of hot and cold water are provided. Retreatants are welcome to shower at Illuminata House. Retreatants can bring their own food, or upon request breakfast and evening meals are provided. 

 Suggested offerings:

$25.00 full day

30.00 Overnight 7.00 Per meal

Suggested donation is $30.00 over night and $25.00 for the day.

Meals are $7.00 each. You can bring your own food.